Repairing instead of change parts

Repair of machine components

Our service includes the repair of machine components such as: Hollow clamping cylinders, turning spindles, milling spindles, turrets, electric motors, additional axes and dividing heads.

As they consist of more and more different components, tooling machines are becoming increasingly complex. Every single component can be constructed very complex as well. It should be clear that the entire machine does not work without the single components and the single components do not work without their separate parts. If one of the components breaks, there is often no choice but to replace them by new parts from the manufacturer, which means a high financial and temporal expenditure.

An alternative could be the regeneration of the assemblies. Often the problem is just a worn-out bearing or sealing, which can be replaced easily. Even damage at the component can be repaired with modern thermal metal spray procedures. These alternatives help to protect both the environment and your budget.

Turret / -turner, solid- and hollow clamping cylinder, additional axes and dividing heads

  • Functional diagnosis
  • Procurement of the necessary spare parts and measures
  • Repair and setting according to the manufacturer’s information
  • Trial run at our test stand
  • Dispatch to the customer
  • Optional: removal an installation into the machine

Turning and milling spindles, ball screws and electric motors

  • Examination and diagnosis on site
  • Purchase of the necessary spare parts
  • Disassembly of the module
  • Dispatch to suitable service partner
  • Schedule control of service partners
  • Reassembly of the modules on site
  • Commissioning with all necessary geometrical corrections

Error descriptions and possible causes

Your machine works inaccurately or the axes sound unusual?
– Often this is a sign of wear and tear of the ball screws in the axes.

Your milling machine is unusually noisy or shows overload errors?
– Probably the spindle is faulty.

The milling tools of your lathe make unusual noises or do not work?
– Mostly the reason is normal wear and tear or a collision.

Your lathe loses hydraulic oil or does not generate the required clamping pressure?
– Probably the clamping cylinder at the spindle is worn.

The axes of your machine cannot be moved or the spindle is not turning, there are loads of error messages but nothing works anymore?
– Possibly the engine of the axis or the spindle is faulty.

Should you have any question regarding our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we are pleased to advise you.

We, the technicians of the Höhnberg Technik GmbH, are available for you as your competent service partner.

Your contact person

Moritz Preßler

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